The whole team arrives

Jan 16, 2016

By Laura Sumner Coon (mouse over images to view caption)

Around 5 p.m. on Thursday, the Ranch erupted in cheers as the colorful “chicken bus” pulled up with the remaining members of the GMRP team. Team leader, Brittany Storhoff, hugged and greeted members, and gave them their cabana assignments.

It is no simple feat to ensure nearly 50 people arrive safely with all of the luggage and the medical supplies. This day, there was only one luggage casualty. Returning GMRP members hugged in reunion. New members were greeted and coached on important things about the area – mosquito spray is your best friend, drink plenty of water and no paper in toilets!

This is Brittany’s first solo experience leading the mission. Last year, long-time coordinator Barbara Johnson, mentored Brittany as she passed the baton. Brittany says there are dozens of pages of notes that make this effort possible, all thanks to Barb’s past efforts. Brittany has taken the role with great grace and diplomacy.

The next morning, a small group begins the ritual of a sunrise walk through the mango groves, accompanied by ranch mascot Caruso the dog. Everyone meets for breakfast and heads to the clinic, where people of Oliveros stand waiting to get the first spots on the first day.

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