Diego and his mom arrived at Obras hospital at 6 :00 this morning with Flory and are awaiting his pre-op and covid exams, after traveling the previous afternoon and spending the night in a small hotel room. His surgery is projected to last 1 1/2 hours.

HIs father, also a patient of ours who never got to have his surgery, died suddenly this past summer of a heart attack on the street where he was working, presumably of a heart attack. He was only 35 years old.

There are three children in the family, a girl of 10 years, Diego of 8 years and another boy of 3 years. The mom is renting a small room for the four of them, since they don’t own a house.

After our clinic, The mom found out she is diabetic and has high blood pressure as well. From the medicine GMRP left at the Oliveros Centro de Salud last January, nurse Magdalena has been supporting the mother with metformin and enalapril, and she reports that she is feeling much better.

  • OUTCOME: He is now able to urinate easily and without pain.
  • COST: Covid test $45, pre-op exams $43, surgery $325


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