GMRP Then and Now

Nov 27, 2018

The Guatemala Medical Resources Partnership (GMRP) began as a project of the Thiensville-Mequon Rotary Clubs. Started in 2005 through the vision and dedication of local Rotarians spearheaded by Doug Hansen, it has grown to encompass many aspects sustaining life. These range from safe water to education to health care. January, 2019 will mark its 15th year of service to and in partnership with the Oliveros community – an impoverished area of Guatemala.

Both numbers and services have grown with over 900 people receiving care at our 5-day clinic. Our clinic is often the only medical care they receive during the year. (Some of the people we helped in 2018 are pictured above.)

Each January, a team of about 45 people, consisting of medical providers, dentists, dental assistants, interpreters, an optometrist, pharmacists and general volunteers personally pay over $1,300 to reach this rural community. We are all drawn to the project and united by the joy of giving in our hearts and a selfless passion for serving.

As I reflect on my personal experiences from 9 years of GMRP service, it was not a single moment, rather a series of small encounters that, in total, became a life-changing experience … a perspective change. The dignity of the people marked by their patience and quiet faith. “We cannot pay you with money, but with our prayers” … more valuable to them and us. The problems they face are universal. From family to health to a future, their concerns are shared by all of us.

The stories await from this year’s trip with lives that are changed with your help. Together, we can add another chapter to the GMRP story!


Brian Jensen

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You can be a part of the mission without leaving home. The Guatemala Medical Resources Partnership is made possible through the support of Rotary Clubs and other donations. Consider a gift that brings health and happiness to someone.


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