Dona Blanca Odilia, 50 years old, had successful varicose vein surgery Oct. 19 on her left leg. They will do the right one when she has healed enough from the first surgery. She is eager to be able to work again!

  • Cost:Pre-op exams $ 72
  • Covid test $ 46
  • Surgerical fee $329
  • Patient paid -$112
  • Total cost for GMRP $335


Rufino Chik, 5 yrs old, had an inguinal hernia repaired on October 14.

Jeferson, 4 years old, had a circumcision and palate surgery on October 14.

These boys and their mothers needed to stay overnight before the surgical day, Flory has found a motel that charges $6.50 a person per night.

The boss of Rufino’s dad had someone bring both families home, saving GMRP the cost of transporting them.


Dona Xiomara a mother of twins, had successful gallbladder surgery on Oct. 19. She is the mother of some twins that we have had as patients in the past. Two years ago, one twin had an amputation at the knee on one leg and received a prosthetic. He also suffers from epileptic seizures and we help with his anti-convulsant medicine when the family isn’t able to buy it.

The other twin is awaiting an evaluation of his hip and spine with specialists from the US.

  • Cost: Pre-op expenses $53
  • The patient paid -$33
  • Covid test $46
  • Surgical fee $263
  • Total cost for GMRP $395

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